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By Andreas von der Heydt

"I realize that there are numerous exceptional books. Business books, fiction books, etc. However, there are only a few books which radiate the power and magic to transform us by the deep meaning of their words. Books which pass the ultimate test of being truly "great books" – books about which we continue thinking for a long time after we have finished them." 
Midnight in Broad Daylight... "an evocative homage to humanity and compassionate dignity."


Review, "'Midnight,' a compelling history of a Japanese-American family," USA TODAY

"This deeply researched and elegantly written history is a rare human drama that spans the Japanese-American experience as few, if any, books have done....From the idyllic world-apart of Washington state to the hell-on-earth that Hiroshima would become, Sakamoto captures the large and small details of the Fukuharas' experience. This is a book that meticulously frames its subjects, as wartime urgencies -- and tragedies -- remake them."

Review | 'Midnight in Broad Daylight': War put brothers on opposite sides of conflict, The Columbus Dispatch

"Without demonizing either the Americans or the Japanese, Sakamoto makes clear the cost of this war for both sides. Scrupulously sticking to her sources, she maintains a discreet distance from the story. By stepping away from high drama, and refraining from exaggeration, she allows the small shocks and surprises, both good and bad, of these lives to emerge naturally. In doing so, she finds a new angle on a war about which it might have seemed there was little fresh to say."

"The Japanese-American Officer Who Helped Take Down and Then Rebuild Japan," Whatitmeanstobeamerican.org

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